Security regulations

Please remember that ultraviolet radiation from germicidal lamps in large quantities is harmful to all living things, so you should understand the precautions below. This is especially true for direct irradiation lamps.


When switchng on an open-type bactericidal irradiator, it is recommended to use special glasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light. During the operation of the irradiator, people and animals need to leave the treated area. Indoor plants should be covered with a cloth or taken out.


It is strictly banned to look at a working open-type irradiator (without protective glasses), and even more so to try to sunbathe under it.


It can cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. All our devices use exclusively ozone-free germicidal lamps from leading European manufacturers OSRAM and PHILIPS. The first hours of operation of the lamp (up to 100 hours) may emit small doses of ozone, but this amount is not dangerous for humans, all lamps have European certificates of compliance. After the operation of these lamps, you do not need to ventilate the room.

Yellowing of plastic

Changing the color of plastics (fading) occurs under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the macromolecules of plastics are destroyed under the influence of the photodestruction process. This applies more to cheap plastics. High-quality plastic is resistant to UV radiation and is able to withstand the effects of ultraviolet light, while maintaining virtually unchanged appearance, physical, mechanical and dielectric parameters. That is why high-quality plastics contain antioxidants that prevent photo-oxidative destruction, which are called light stabilizers. In addition, light resistance depends on the composition and structure of the polymer, the total composition of ingredients and impurities. So: for high-quality, expensive plastics, this warning is almost irrelevant, but, if possible, it is also undesirable to irradiate high-quality products (at least at a distance closer than 1 meter).


OÜ UV EXPERT, as well as manufacturers of bactericidal devices, does not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for the customer use of devices for other purposes, for failure to comply with warnings and instructions, inluding, for any consequences of possible exposure to UV radiation on materials or living organisms as a result of improper use.

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Working process

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Eye and skin protection

Our employees always work in special coveralls, masks and UV-glasses.

Everyone out!

During the operation of the lamp no people are allowed in the room, it is desirable even to take out indoor plants.

Only tested equipment.

All the lamps we use have European certificates of conformity. After the operation of these lamps, there is no need to ventilate the room.