UV lamps in ventilation

Bactericidal equipment as part of Supply ventilation or Central air conditioning system, which allows not to install devices in separate rooms, but to immediately supply clean air to all service areas.

These are the so-called air disinfection sections. The air disinfection section usually consists of a specific number of UV lamps.

Built-in bactericidal systems are recommended for installation inside air ducts or supply units for disinfection of internal surfaces and air supplied to the room (photo).

In this case, there is either instantaneous inactivation of microorganisms, or a slowdown in the growth of their number.

The placement of lamps depends on the design of the supply unit and the type of lamps used, the most common is installation of lamps at a distance of 0.9–1.0 m from the cooling circuit during their round-the-clock operation.

Continuous exposure to UV radiation provides the necessary dose of UV radiation to prevent the development of microorganisms at low radiation intensity.

The installation methods for lamps can be different: before or after the cooling circuit and at any angle.

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UV-C open type equipment

UV lamps can be used for disinfection of various rooms. The operation of such devices is carried out by the bactericidal action of ultraviolet radiation. Devices in which UV lamps are installed for disinfection of premises are called bactericidal irradiators.

For quite a long time, equipping hospitals and clinics with such devices has been mandatory. Bactericidal irradiators, in turn, are divided into two types: open-type irradiators and closed-type irradiators.

The irradiators of open type

This type of irradiators implies an open location of UV lamp(s). Due to the open exposure to ultraviolet light, such devices are strictly forbidden to use in the presence of people and animals. Among the advantages of such devices is a complete disinfection of the room (both air and surfaces). A big disadvantage is the inability to use open-type UV irradiators in the presence of people.

There are such devices on sale as bactericidal wall irradiator and bactericidal ceiling irradiator. These types of open-type irradiators distinct by the place of attachment, and each of them can have an individual number of UV lamps of different power.

The bactericidal lamp of the open type is your reliable assistant in matters of complete disinfection of premises.