UV Air 30

Designed for continuous operation.

The device deactivates and destroys airborne microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, yeast spores, fungal spores and other microorganisms.

Complete UV protection, may be used in the presence of people

The device is equipped with a mechanical filter and a working time counter.

Application: schoolrooms, kindergarten rooms, offices, operating rooms, research laboratories and other public facilities.

Mounting: ceiling, wall, suspended.


UV Air 30

Bactericidal Air Recirculator

Productivity of the lamp: up to 38 m³/hour.

Materials: aluminum housing, powder coating

Color: White

Dimensions: 1090mm x 135mm x 55mm (length, width, height)

The cost of the device is

239,00 euros.

*The price is shown without 20% VAT